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Slant bed lathes

StartechMachinery presents a wide range of slant bed lathes, satisfying the needs simplest machining 2 axis lathes as the most complicated with complex lathes with Y axis, sub-spindle, bar feeders and collectors pieces.

For more robust machining include prismaticguides machines among which is the model 360 FBL reaching a distance between points of 2000 mm and a swing of 770 mm above the bed with a choice of gearbox with high torque machining .

The high-performance serial, FNL, incorporates automatic turret rotation axis motorized tools, which allows complex parts milling as cashiers, drilled outside shaft, etc. There is the possibility of providing the machine with hydraulic tailstock CNC controlled or a second head that allows end both sides of a piece.


FCL 200 FCL 300 FBL 200 FBL 300 FBL 360 FNL- 250 Y/SY FNL- 320 Y/SY
Swing over bedmm470 600 470 654 770 600 600
Max cutting lengthmm500 700 408 594/1554 762/2000 558 548
X axis travelmm176 260 175 290 320 310 310
X axis travelmm520 762450640/1600820/2100620620